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Monday, October 08, 2007

sticker 4 magnet - magnet 4 sticker campaign

ok this is a call out to those who want to trade stickers, magnets, art ect...
it's simple, i will be getting a P.O. Box soon, in the next week or 2.
anyways, when i do, i'll re-post with the box address.

i want to trade magnets which i & other people create with those who make
stickers & magnets also, around the country & around the world.
if you send me these things, not only will i be building up my art collection.
i'll also be applying the stickers sent 2 me, on to magnet paper & re-sending them out, as well as posting them up wherever i can in the city & anywhere i travel to. so hit me up if your interested & well talk about it.

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