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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hey everybody.... hope to see you out at night of the living shred for east coast dance floor champ JESSE R. TITTSWORTH (Real name, I shit you not!!!!!)

Jesse was recently named one of the top ten party starters in the country by urb magazine..... peep it

also was recently featured on mtv2 with dj ayres of the rub

and recently played for like ten million people in brazil

anyways, I am super stoked on this cat and I expect him to fully destroy the dance floor tonight.....

I'm also running a raffle for a massive giveaway of gear, show tickets, bar tab , etc. 2 night.... What can you say about that?

on another note: PAYING A COVER
I'm sure all you regulars know I run a loose door and never turn anyone away... Well, I really need your $5 tonight as I have a decent guarantee out for the big titts and no sponsors this round. Serious though, remember all those times I hooked you up and you saw klever/dj swamp/troublemaker/goldenchyld/2mex/the shapeshifters for free????
Well, I need you to hook me up tonight.


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