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Thursday, May 24, 2007

I am a street artist, and a world traveller. I seek out cities with in the free world, which have many types of shared art available to the masses, which feeds inspiration and imagination. The art i create is called graffiti art. This art is thought by most people to be completely illegal and can be quite destructive. However I have been chosen by an elite crew of creative artists, called “the Magnet Mafia”, this art collective would rather create art on a productive level, instead of being destructive.
Making graffiti art, stencil art, and graphic design on magnets and magnetic material is revolutionary. The art mounted magnet can be moved, removed and placed around the world. Throughout cities, towns, and villages internationally. Not only can this art be placed on magnetic metals within the cities, they can be posted on cars, trucks, trains, trams about where people can see the art move and go places where most art can not. Although it is not traditional graffiti vandalism, one can still be harassed and charged by any local police department, for trespass, posting or anything else which can be dreamed up by the boys in blue, if they choose to deem the art impractical. It is in my belief however, that most law enforcement, will recognise the practical concepts geared towards this magnetic art, and not have too many bad things to say to people who are posting the magnets within the city. One might end up getting a ticket from the police, but lets hope it nothing to drastic.
It is true that many people know of, and recognise the art magnets, and collect them as soon as they see them posted within the city. They collect them and take them home, and post them up in their homes on their refrigerators, and laundry machines. So it seems quite reasonable to me to post my art world wide on any available metal, so that many people around the world might have a chance to own a small piece of my art work, if they are keen enough to find it in the streets.
Not only does it continue to make my artwork and graffiti name more famous on a daily basis, but people are eventually looking for my art everywhere they go no matter where they are at. It does seem rather ridiculous to me at times, but then I think about how far my art has travelled simply by magnetic power in the past year and it is rather astonishing to my own imagination. My art travels, and will continue to travel eternally world wide until every magnet which I have created, is no more on this earth. So it does give me somewhat of a big head to know that my art will surpass me.
I have created countless amounts of art magnets in the past year, and have distributed them on two continents so far. I intend on taking them to every continent that I can, my art will
make it’s way to places which I am unable to travel to, so it is rather funny and dramatic to me at the same time.
So I see magnetic art as the future of transferable art. Some people would agree that I have simply gone mad, which I would probably agree with, but I know that man has a future in space, on the moon, and it is quite possible that our human kind will be living on many planets in the solar system, and universe in the next few decades. I sincerely believe that graffiti art will never stop, and that this magnetic graffiti art, and magnetic advertising will go far beyond this earth, and into places that man can only dream of at this point.
One of the things I really enjoy about magnetic art is, the fact that any artist, can become involved with the magnet mafia, and can be come a member of the mafia, if they are lucky enough, and creative enough to make such an art. It simply takes a bit of creative imagination, the willingness to travel on a large scale, a bit of madness, a few good mates that like to party, and allot of magnetic material, paint makers, mod podge and of course lots of metal. I definitely encourage anyone who is creative enough to use this art, to make their own magnets and share them with the world, such as i have so far.

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send any magnet art to me at > zombie138@magnetmafia.com
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