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Monday, April 02, 2007

these were made for photos which i had taken in asia a few years ago. a couple of them are pretty well known photos..

they are mounted to magnet paper
they are $10 each..

hollar at me here or at


6x4 in

collect em' all > decorate your car or your refrigerator with my photomagnets

get'em while you can>> hit me up<<

Singapore Street Market
(2) are available

Chinese Temple > Singapore
(2) are available

Hong Kong Streetz
(2) are available

Tokyo Japan > mini photo collage of Tokyo Japan
(2) are available

East Asia mini photo collage of Okinawa & Kyushu islands Japan
(2) are available

Perth Koala > Perth Australia
(1) are available

Okinawa Flower > Okinawa Japan
(2) are available

Hong Kong Roots > Hong Kong
(2) are available

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