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Friday, March 30, 2007


*Suicide Kingz Entertainment Sets The Pace For the Underground Market*

Multi Platinum producer DJ Bless is set to release his
first album of 2007 “Retaliation Is A Must” through
the Suicide Kingz/Never So Deep Record label. This
highly anticipated album will hit digital stores May
15, 2007. The album is exclusively produced by DJ Bless
and will feature Donnie Darko, Hue Hef, and the newest
member of the NSD camp Jim Snooka (AKA Logic). The
first single "Blow’in Up The Spot” (Side A) and
“Verbal Warning” (B Side) are already causing havoc on
the underground front. DJ Bless has consistently
shattered the mold of traditional Hip-Hop with several
ground breaking releases in 2006 including, “Art of
The Devil”, “Black Sunday”, and the critically
acclaimed classic “August Underground”. On this 07’
release, the King of Ghetto Metal displays his
eclectic versatility with some of the most blistering
Hip Hop production ever heard. “Bless is definitely
the best Hip Hop producer out there, the rest of the
producers are stagnant and have lost their creativity,
states Big Bacon, director of promotions
for NSD Underground. “I’m the best at what I do hands
down. Get you’re MPC, SP1200, ASR10, and film
cameras out, show me your work, prove me wrong, says
DJ Bless, CEO and Owner of both Never So Deep Records
and Suicidal Filmz.



*Suicidal Filmz Begins It’s Trek ToThe Top*

Suicidal Filmz popularity has sky rocketed since the
release of their recent movie trailer “Insane” The
support from the NSD vigilantes, critics, and the
established horror film community has been obvious,
the trailer is saturating the internet like an aids
virus gone wild. “What you see on the trailer is just
a sample of what I’m gonna bring to the funeral. You
M*therf%ckers know I’m sick, f*cked up and twisted,
get ready for the ride. The sound track alone is gonna
make you want to kill yourself” says DJ Bless,
producer, writer and director of the movie. The film
is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2007. If
you haven’t viewed the trailer please follow this

*Suicidal Filmz National Tour*

Alright vigilantes here we go; DJ Bless aka Sutter
Kain is setting up his first national tour this summer
(2007). Now you real m*therf%uckers get a chance to
see the King of Ghetto Metal put it down. The tour
dates will be posted on his myspace page so stay
updated, and keep your ears to the ground. Promoters
feel free to contact bigbacon@neversodeeprecords.com
if you want to bring the heat to your city.

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