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Monday, March 19, 2007

Former Drummer of Sucidal Tendencies

Attention Suicidal Tendencies fans! R.J. Herrera, former Suicidal Tendencies drummer has recently been involved in a terrible accident. He fell 25' off of a ladder while working on a roof, he landed on his head, rushed to the Hospital he then was induced in to a coma by the doctors due to serious head trauma. He was in the hospital for quite some time. The doctors had to do major reconstructive surgery on his face and head. At first we did not think that R.J. would make it. Thank God he did! He is now out of the hospital and recovering at home. Undoubtedly, this was a horribly tramatic experience for R.J. and the Herrera Family. R.J. has a young son and daughter who depend on him very much. He is obviously unable to work due to this terrible accident.

Funds for R.J. are running low, which is why Piranha Recordz is now accepting donations from Suicidal Tendencies fans around the world who want to help R.J. and his family during this trying time. Please go to www.piranharecordz.com and enter the amount you would like to donate to R.J. and his family. If RJ's drumming has ever moved you, You can make your donations either through Pay Pal or print out the Snail Mail form on our Merchandise page and send it in with a check or Money order made out to Piranha Recordz. Anything from $5.00 -$10,000 will definately help. The money that you donate is GUARANTEED to make it to R.J. and his family...... not only is he a good friend of Piranha Recordz, but he lives right down the street. Please give generously!

Thank You,
Piranha Recordz

Also, we want to thank those of you that have sent in donations for Ric Clayton, aka RxCx. Whether it was five dollars or one hundred and fifty dollars, it was truly amazing to see how many people came through for our boy......we have your names, and believe me, we know who you are! As an update, RxCx went back in for surgery on Tuesday, February 13, 2007 for another Biopsy. Ric has a malignant Brain Tumor and will be starting Radiation shortly. This is without a doubt a very scary time for RxCx, Us (his Family) and friends Worldwide. Like R.J., Ric is obviously unable to work, making it impossible to support his young son. Please know that we are still accepting donations for Ric Clayton at www.piranharecordz.com as well. We know that you are not made of money, but we have to do what we can at times like this. Life can really be a Bitch! Go www.piranharecordz.com

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