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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i wanna get into your pants...
or your purse. i've started a new line of handmade wallets and made a profile to promote this new endeavour. myspace.com/daylerstuff. plus, i'm sure you all want a new friend to add to the list.

i've been concentrating on my "art" pretty intensely for awhile now and designing these wallet graphics has been a nice little escape for me to experiment with new ideas that aren't based on my tradtional imagery.

for now i have 9 designs and about a bazillion more in the works. all of these tasty treats can be seen and/or purchased at dayler.etsy.com

i hope you have time to check them out. and i hope you like them so much you want to have like 10 million of their babies.

thanks for looking!

see ya,


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