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Friday, January 12, 2007

OK, here's the deal with The Goon Satan's Sodomy Baby story... some people flipped out because it had the word Sodomy in the title and heard it had religious jokes in it. It has been rumored that it didn't come out because I was behind schedule and the whole thing is a farce. That makes me a little angry because when that issue got put on hold I had to kill myself to start a whole new issue to make sure that The Goon #18 came out on time. The issue is now being released but in the adult catalog under the title, "SATAN'S BABY". Not "THE GOON: SATAN'S BABY", just, "SATAN'S BABY" I'm afraid that no one is going to see it in the adult catalog or they are going to be looking for a Goon book. If any of you would help me spread awareness of the new status of the book, it would be greatly appreciated.

Eric Powell


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