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Thursday, June 01, 2006

to those who dis & talk shit about how i shoot & the content which i choose to take photos of::
12oz. Prophet & Freshsites are nothing more than graffiti art gossip threads for teenie boppers.
my whole aim is to show graff how it really exists in the streets, from no one single person's point of view.
i'm not out there just taking photos of one crew or of my favorite tagger or artist. i shoot photos of everything
that relates to the freedom of graffiti art across the world. not only do i get to highlight artists who would be looked over by these selective photographers, but i'm showing the world how graff truely exists on the streets, not some distrorted
single minded point of view. so go ahead & talk as much shit as you want on those lame ass threads, but i know
you'll be on here watching "Dumpster Television" checkin' my flicks n' video out.

to those who support me in this cause for free art, thank you very much, keep submitting me images, photos & video
of your artwork, your friends stuff & anything else which should be posted here on "Dumpster Television".

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