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Monday, May 29, 2006


Wow, it's been a busy busy month at�www.justseeds.org�

First, I've printed up a new shirt!� Not exactly brand new, it is a full color version of the Zapatista shirt design I was selling a couple years back.� Much improved, this shirt is 4 colors printed on blue shirts. The unisex shirts are slate blue (shown here), the women's cut shirts are on a brighter light blue.

Along that same theme, I have a small batch of posters for the Zapatista's La Otra Campa�a (Other Campaign).� The 2 color silkscreened poster is by Mexico City based artist Refugio Solis, and is a play off the classic music tour poster. Featuring Subcommandante Marcos on a motorcycle, it lists all the stops in Mexico of La Otra Comapa�a.

We've got a couple more new, small run hand printed posters/prints as well. Holi is an artist living in Oakland and his War poster is impressive, a clean 4 color stencil of a woman in war. This print has travelled with the Paper Politics exhibition and everyone loves it.� It's also very exciting to have Meredith Stern's Healthcare is a Human Right�reduction linoleum prints back in stock.� Huge and gorgeous (24" x 40", 4 color block prints), only a handful were made and we're lucky enough to a couple of them.� In addition we have another print from the same series, All Communities Need Access to Fresh Food.� Definitely go to the NEW section of the site and check these out.

For the street artists and those interested, we've got 2 new publications.� The first is the brand new issue of PEELzine, #6.� Like #5, this one is full size and hefty, but Dave has honorably tried to stop using corporate advertisers and get the street art community to help financially support the magazine. This is the All Women's issue. and is definitely worth your support.� As always it's chock full of articles, photos, and stickers!

And finally, Tom Civil, the artist that brings you the ever popular Civilian Sticker Packs, has a new project, the Stolenwealth Poster Newspaper. This is a huge newsprint booklet with 21 full color posters about Australian Indigenous resistance. The posters are designed by 21 different artists, a number of them Melbourne stencilers.�

Check all these out at www.justseeds.org/new

As always, send any questions to: info [at] justseeds.org


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